It happens all the time. Entrepreneurs realize that their business will not develop without proper presentation, and like many others, they bet on advertising in the form of a website. He creates or has a website created, and posts pictures, information, price lists, contact information, etc. And now, in his opinion, something must begin to happen. New prospects and potential customers should contact him, offers should be made, and money should be coming in.
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But in fact, the opposite is true. Such entrepreneurs can sit in their own offices and, in many cases, not even let the dogs bark at them. There is no page, not even a shred of interest in what is offered on this page.
What went wrong? Was the quality of the images depicted there not good enough? Was the clarity and detail of the information presented insufficient? Did the asking price seem exorbitant?
The protagonist begins to look at the competitors, but sooner or later realizes that this is no place to bury the dog. He is by no means inferior to the other players. But it is a poor consolation when he is in danger of not making any money and not getting a contract.
Why is fate so against him? Why is he not doing well when everyone else is celebrating success thanks to the Internet?
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Why is it? He may have done his best, but even that may not be enough. Especially not enough on the Internet.
Because it is not just about having a perfect looking website. It\’s also about making sure it catches someone\’s eye. And this is where many entrepreneurs, not just entrepreneurs, fail.
because it is also true for him and he himself cannot do his best. At least when it comes to making a website search engine compliant.
This is because Internet search engines work the way search engines work and people respond the way search engines respond. Search engines may find millions of links on a topic, but they rank them in the way they are set up to do so. And those who search the Internet only read the first few listings and ignore the “black ones behind.”
That\’s why it\’s worth letting an SEO expert handle your website. They are the ones who already know how to get it to the top of the search engines that everyone notices. That is the first requirement for such a page to work.
Only then can you hope for fame and real business success.

— 1 June 2023