The Internet gives us a space of anonymity. We often use different nicknames and nicknames. All we have at most is a picture and a name. Therefore, we behave very differently in the Internet environment than we do in real life. But the Internet is also a space where the rules of decent behavior should be observed. After all, it is one of the rules of each Internet community.

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Be respectful and polite – Remember that you are communicating with people, treat them with courtesy and do not insult or demean them. Write as if you are talking to the other person face to face. Do not use vulgar language. Do not embarrass them. Also, know that some people have spelling problems that do not affect their intelligence. This is no reason to shame or instruct that person.
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Avoid provocation – This goes both ways. Do not try to start a heated discussion or get involved in one. This is common in Internet discussions. There will always be the chronic dilettante who is not interested in objective discussion or confrontation. Don\’t let him do so, and certainly don\’t become an instigator.

Follow certain “netiquette” and netiquette– every forum and every Internet community has its own rules. Some allow name calling, but you must stick to the group topic. When joining a closed community, you should read the rules.

Respect others\’ right to privacy – Be careful what you write, do not pressure anyone, and unless they initiate confidential conversations themselves, sensitive issues Do not ask questions about.

Be aware of the culture of speech – When writing to the authorities, one usually rewrites from scratch to minimize mistakes. On the other hand, the Internet uses the worst expressions that the Czech language has to offer. If you have trouble with dysgraphia, learn how to use spell check.

When acting on behalf of a company or organization. In such cases, the rules of Internet etiquette apply doubly.


— 27 April 2022