In the last century, human society has experienced the consequences of the rule of two of the worst totalitarian regimes that committed the most crimes and murders in human history. For this reason, the Nazi ideology is socially unacceptable and its representatives are not to be found in any parliament or government in the world. It is no wonder, given the litany of crimes this ideology has committed.

In 1939, Nazi Germany led the worst war in human history. Today Germany holds this history up to harsh criticism and condemns the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. Germany was not the only country to cause World War II. World War II. It was dependent on the Soviet Union, which was ruled by a powerful communist regime.

Nacista se svojí obětí.

Both totalitarianisms slaughtered each other while causing the worst war in history. Both totalitarianisms are among the worst killers, and for that reason alone they both deserve equal condemnation. The Nazis are estimated to have killed some 43 million people, while the communists murdered some 100 million. Today, however, the Nazis and the Communists take different positions. This is a major mistake with serious consequences. Today\’s Germany has changed dramatically since the first half of the 20th century. One important aspect of this change is coming to terms with history. This has allowed Germans to move forward and change.

Our country was ruled by a communist regime from 1948 to 1989. During this period, communists committed many crimes here, including murder, under the supervision of the Russian communists. To this day, we have not been able to fully come to terms with this past. There was no will to punish the communists for their crimes and criminals. Everything was covered with the words “we are not like them.”

Komunistická berlínská zeď

This was a big mistake because it later gave legitimacy to the communist regime. Supporters of the Communist Party today try to tell us how good the Communist regime was. They are not just trying to defend their crimes, because if communist criminals are convicted, they will be defending not only the convicted criminals, but their crimes as well. The important thing was not to send sickly old men to jail, but to clearly name and condemn their crimes, as was done in Germany. Until we come to terms with our past, we cannot change enough. This can be clearly seen in Russia. On the contrary, history in Russia has been altered to make the communist past look much better than it actually was. As a result, instead of changes after the fall of the communist regime, a new totalitarian regime has been created. The Czech Republic is still on the border. There are still attempts to excuse communism. If we want to move forward, we must come to terms with history. The German and Russian stances clearly show where differences in attitudes toward the past lead.


— 5 March 2023