When choosing a house chair or armchair, don\’t buy the first one you come across; think carefully. The same should be true when choosing and buying a fishing chair . Keep in mind that you will be spending several hours on it. And it is definitely not enough to consider a chair or chairs that are easy to fold and move.
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Think about back comfort as well, since the back hurts the most. Also, rain and cold must be considered. [If you are driving, weight will not be a big concern, and if you are walking, you will not want to carry heavy chairs (some weighing up to 8 kg). If you are an enthusiast who doesn\’t let bad weather stop you from fishing, there are fleece-covered, padded models. The neoprene material is durable, perfect for warmer days, and lightweight.

Load capacity is also an important factor, with some types being able to carry more than 150 kg.

Comfort should be a primary consideration, and as is often said, it is best to try each model on in-store to see if it fits.
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Although seemingly unimportant, armrests also have a function and are essential for a comfortable seat if you are going to spend a lot of time by the water. Armrests are available in metal or plastic; metal ones last longer, of course, but they are heavy and cold in winter, and plastic ones break easily.

As for backrests, there are also folding types. The legs and overall structure (made of tubing) are important to stabilize the chair or armchair. Legs are very important because chairs are used in a variety of terrains.

— 23 March 2022