I moved recently and I\’m trying to make the apartment comfortable. I like originality and natural motifs. I also need a lot of custom-made stuff, so I started making my own, I am currently creating jacket hangers from untreated battens.
I like natural wood, but at the same time I wanted to give it a little twist and a few different shades. I did not want to buy a can of paint or dirt, because I had to paint a lath of 250×3 cm and only one side, because 90% of it remains. I started looking for mini packs on the Internet, but I was taught how to make homemade natural pickles, so I decided to try and the results exceeded my expectations. 
Surové dřevo se dá použít takřka na vše.
Reach for coffee and tea if you need a basic brown tint. Boil the double espresso and just grab the brush to paint. As for tea, we put 5 bags for half a liter of water. Of course, the darker the shade we want, the more layers we apply. It is good to completely dry the individual layers. Turmeric, which is very noticeable, if we want a yellow tint, for a soft yellow tint we can reach for green tea, if you prefer a nice red or brownish-red tint, reach for red wine or beetroot compote juice.
Káva skvěle chutná, i barví.
Of course, you can mix the ingredients until you get the desired shade. In conclusion, in order to secure the paint and protect the tree, it is good to paint the tree with 1-2 layers of varnish. However, dry the tree in the warmth for at least 1 day, if you apply a lot of layers, because the first coat is completely dry and is water-based. Another advantage of the top coat is the ability to choose the final form of the finished product, matte, glossy and semi-matte varnishes are sold.
In most cases, I use raw roof battens, fences and shelves for this forging. Also, this material is easily available in the hobby market, and the price is not prohibitive.

— 14 December 2022