The editorial systems listed below have become world famous and are commonly used throughout most sites. This is due to their simplicity in site management and setup.
použitá technika
This content management system started as a simple blogging system several years ago. Since WordPress has a very large community, there are many plugins for this content management system that you can download and use freely on your own website. You can download and use them freely on your own website. Using these plug-ins, you can turn your website into a social network, e-commerce site, discussion forum, and much more. The big advantage is a very huge community of users and developers and a very simple and user-friendly environment.
The Joomla content management system is used by leading global companies to run professionally designed websites. The system is also widely used by networks that are not or cannot be open to the public; Citibank, for example, uses it for this purpose. the Joomla content management system has a very wide range of uses, from reservation systems to online stores, in addition to regular websites. There are a number of The advantages that make users choose this content management system include, among others, the ability to log in and register users using OpenID and Google, as well as a large and active user community.
připojení k síti
Drupal is one of the other very popular and widespread content management systems. This system is also used by a very large number of major global companies and many web content editing tools. This system also has a very active and collaborative community. More than 6000 modules and add-ons have already been created for Drupal. The system is often a bit complex to use simply, and the entire system is often difficult to use.

— 28 November 2021