Hard drive capacity increases over time, but so does the amount of data stored on it. Sooner or later, everyone will face the problem of running out of storage space. There are basically two options. We can either delete or move the data, or we can get a new drive with more capacity. If you choose the first option, it is helpful to know which data is taking up the most space; the Ashampoo Disk Space Explorer 2018 web app helps you do just that

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App Features

– The full version of this app can be found at C-zone.
– After installation and initial launch, you will be asked to enter your email address and will receive a message with an activation link.
– The application communicates in Czech and is very easy to use.
– In the first step, you are asked to select the disk you wish to explore. The results are displayed both in a pie chart and in a table that can be sorted by number of folders, files, or total size.
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– Folders can be browsed in the same way as in Explorer, but here information about their size is also displayed. This allows you to quickly discover which folders are taking up the most space. Right-clicking on a folder brings it into Explorer, where you can further manipulate its contents.
– The top toolbar has two drop-down menus: the first drop-down menu allows you to select which graphs to display, and the second drop-down menu allows you to filter by file type, such as images, videos, archives, documents, etc.
– This way, you can easily see which folders and files are taking up the most space and take appropriate follow-up action.

For this reason, it is recommended that those who have owned their computers for a year use this app from time to time to organize their computers.

— 20 July 2021