Public relations is also called “public relations” and people also call it “PR. It is a long-term activity of a company and can be described as the strategy of a company that decides to build and maintain public relations. In other words, based on this strategy, they try to get feedback while providing information to the public. Therefore, it can be concluded that quality public relations, unlike other tools in the marketing communication mix, is based on two-way communication. Public relations can be divided into
tisková konference

internal public relations. In other words, it is about building good relationships with employees. It tries to motivate employees appropriately and get them to participate in company activities. For example, provide employees with sufficient information through monthly internal communications. The company also strives to build and harmonize its corporate culture, which helps to build good relationships among employees within the organization. They also seek to ensure that their employees understand their company\’s interests and strategic goals.

External –

External public relations builds good relationships with key partners such as suppliers, customers, and investors, as well as interest groups including the media. It is also about a company trying to improve its image.
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Key PR tools include, for example,

annual reportsin which employees and the public are informed about the company\’s activities, what the company does or does not do, and how the company actually operates.
Internal Events –Internal events are those that are aimed at employees and are intended to maintain good relations among employees (e.g., anniversary party, Christmas company party, etc.). Public in-house events can include the introduction of new products, awards for employees, various sporting events, charity events, etc.
Press release –A press release is material or information for the press in which a company holds a press conference to communicate its failures or, conversely, its successes.
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Corporate Culture –Corporate culture is formed not only by the appearance of the company, but also by having all elements in the same design (e-mail, letterhead, envelopes, work clothes, pens, etc.)
Corporate Social Responsibility –In a very popular activity today, companies build good relations with society as a whole through environmental actions and social …

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