Consider how many of us there are on this planet. In all, there are nearly 8 billion people. Each one of us needs to use natural resources and live an average of 71-78 years. This is due to gender; men are younger than women, and it also depends on genetics and personal lifestyle. If a person is constantly dealing with depressing situations and does not maintain adequate mental and physical hygiene, his or her life span will certainly be shortened. Can our planet cope with such a situation?One of the reasons I decided to write specifically about overpopulation on our planet is because this overpopulation is related to the abortion ban. This issue is closely related to overpopulation, but that is one way to look at it.


As some examples, one can consider Poland. This state has decided to legalize abortion for women. This ban was defended with arguments that were not necessarily 100%. One of the arguments was that women\’s health deteriorates after abortion and that birth control pills have bad hormonal effects on women. The problem arises when one tries to protect women\’s health. This is why there are so many cases on the Internet where women have died because abortions were not allowed, despite the presence of a dead fetus inside their bodies. People appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. Yes, it is true. The big question mark is whether this action by the Polish government is in line with the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. This is already incompatible with democracy.


Now, we can look at this from different perspectives. Every citizen, nay, every woman, has the right to decide for herself whether or not to bear a child if she becomes pregnant. It is up to the woman to decide for herself whether to attempt to bear a child or to use some form of contraception. Is it right that women should be restricted from making these decisions?From another perspective, we can consider that there is an embryo/fetus that cannot decide for itself whether it wants to be born into this world. We decide about this embryo/fetus. Is this correct? Let us think about it.

— 7 June 2023