TRANSFORM your THOUGHTS… TRANSFORM your LIFE! TRANSFORMING your life BEGINS with this UNDERSTANDING: The QUALITY of your LIFE depends upon QUALITY of your CHOICES. In other words, DECISIONS DETERMINE DESTINY. HUMAN HISTORY proves that people don’t always make CLEAR CHOICES. This indicates that WISDOM is required in PERFECTING your PURPOSE. Continue reading →


ENTITLEMENT has two sides. ENTITLEMENT is prevalent in society today. In speaking about this, Charles W. Bray III, a distinguished career diplomat said, “We have come to a time where we say, ‘You DESERVE a break today.’ Too many of us believe that. If we’re poor, we deserve welfare; if we’re rich, we deserve a […] Continue reading →

Today’s Thoughts: On INTENTIONALITY

The intentionality of belief is intrinsic. INTENTIONALITY is the fine art of LIVING DELIBERATELY. It leads your WHY? to discover your WOW!! When you know your WHY… you know your way! INTENTIONALITY is the mindset that sees you making deliberate choices for a definite purpose to achieve a desired goal. Continue reading →