TODAY is the first day of the BEST of your life!

TODAY is the first day of the BEST of your life   TODAY is all we ever have to make a lasting difference. TODAY… this very day… shall never, ever come again. Neither will the opportunities it brings. It is, therefore, incumbent upon each and every one of us to LIVE INTENTIONALLY. Mother Teresa said, Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only […] Continue reading →

CONTENTMENT: 13 Ideas to CULTIVATE it in your Life Today.

CONTENTMENT is BEING at PEACE in every moment. In speaking of CONTENTMENT, John F. Kennedy said, “As we express our GRATITUDE, we must never forget that the HIGHEST APPRECIATION is not to utter words, but to LIVE by them.” In my previous post on CONTENTMENT I said, “CONTENTMENT is the REALIZATION that you already have WITHIN you that […] Continue reading →

Here are 7 ways to IMPROVE your INSTINCTS Now…

INSTINCT is a tap. INSTINCTS flow through words and images, through sights and sounds, through felt experiences… that allow you to HONE HUNCHES. INSTINCT is the voice of the human spirit. It’s commonly called a “deep inner knowing” … a “funny feeling”… your “gut” … or your SIXTH SENSE. It’s what SPARKS and SPURS you. […] Continue reading →

PROMISES: 5 Surefire Ways to Keep Yours.

PROMISES shouldn’t be a dime a dozen. PROMISES  are OATHS of OBLIGATION and PLEDGES of PERFORMANCE. They yields the FRUIT of FULFILLMENT. They are also ASSURANCES of ACCOMPLISHMENT… COVENANTS of COMPLETION… and DECLARATIONS OF DELIVERY. God’s GREAT and PRECIOUS PROMISES include LONG LIFE and being an HEIR to HEAVENLY REWARD. No human being can make […] Continue reading →

The Spiritual Posture Of A Loving LEADER

POSTURE is IMPORTANT! POSTURE , as you know,  takes on many positions. It also has many meanings. When you were growing up, were you probably encouraged repeatedly to SIT up STRAIGHT. The act of physically sitting straight also acts as a SPIRITUAL POSTURE; that of BEING UPRIGHT. Such a posture encourages MORAL MOTIVES. Having MORAL […] Continue reading →

PLAN-B: Purposely Pursue Your PASSION

PLAN B: Purposely Pursue Your Passion Robert Byrne said, “The PURPOSE of life should be a life of PURPOSE.” You’ve been through tough times, and still you’re careening to the chasm of collapse. Okay, so you’re safely side-stepping the slippery slope that sends you spiraling. You don’t need to be a sad sack, a worry […] Continue reading →

LEADERSHIP: A Tribute to Jim Rohn

TRUE LEADERSHIP comes from the HEART. Today, I DEDICATE this LEADERSHIP post to Jim Rohn. Jim was a kid from the farms of Idaho who went on to become known as “America’s Business Philosopher”… a MASTER MOTIVATOR… and a LIVING LEGACY. Jim Rohn’s mentor was (John) Earl Shoaff. Earl inspired Jim to BECOME more than […] Continue reading →


  EUREKA! I have the SOLUTION! Today, I would like to talk about the SOLUTION to a PROBLEM that is PERSISTENT and PREVALENT for many people, that of NEGATIVE THINKING. In fact, I have DISCOVERED the SOLUTION to any NEGATIVE situation, which I will reveal shortly. Many people are predisposed to NEGATIVE THINKING. Some people […] Continue reading →

PINNACLE: A Tribute To Zig Ziglar

  PINNACLE is the HEIGHT of SUCCESS. Zig Ziglar REACHED the PINNACLE, in LIFE and BUSINESS. He said, “The DEPTH of your SPIRIT determines the HEIGHT of your SUCCESS.” Today, I DEDICATE this post to the memory of Zig Ziglar, who started out as a little guy from a little town, who went on to […] Continue reading →