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Mirrors, Miracles and Other Reflections

Is your life a mirror of peace? A mirror has such pervasive power. Smile and it smiles back. You can’t out-move it, for it mimics everything you do. Most of us use a mirror every day to: primp and preen floss and clean comb our hair check our imperfections there Yes, we use a mirror to examine ourselves, but I think it […] Continue reading →

Cancer Alert: Are Your Beliefs Killing You?

Cancer claimed a great actor. Michael Landon was a great example of determination. We have all been touched by cancer. I’m sure there isn’t one amongst us who has not lost a loved one to this devastating disease, whether it be family, friend or acquaintance. It is more than likely that someone within our own circles is battling cancer right now. Cancer does not discriminate. It makes visitation […] Continue reading →

15 Great Stress Busting Tips

How do you act under a great deal of stress? Stress is something we experience every day, at some level, whether we realize it or not. Healthy stress is called eustress, where as unhealthy is called distress. Human beings should come with a label: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. Sometimes life can even be scary! We need healthy levels of stress to survive, but when we are […] Continue reading →

Free Nature Photography For You To Enjoy

Photography shapes how we see things. Photography is one of my favorite pastimes, and since the beauty of nature is as well, the two go hand in hand. We are blessed to live in a photographer’s paradise, where mountains, lakes and streams serve as spiritual refreshment. There is also something wonderfully magical and endearing about photography. A photo has the ability […] Continue reading →

How To Write Your Autobiography

Keep Don Quixote out of your autobiography. An autobiography is a first-hand account of your life story. An autobiography is a window for others to see into your life. Sure, you could have your memoirs written by someone else, but who better to tell it than you? That window is open to the degree you are honest with yourself and others. Not […] Continue reading →

Dreams Do Come True! 11 Time-Tested, Proven Principles

Believe in your dreams! Dreams are a succession of thoughts, feelings and images that swirl around as you sleep. It’s like being alive, but having no control over your experiences. Dreams are also voluntary visions, such as the kind you image when you daydream. Vision also connects you to the dreams that are your aims, aspirations and deep desires. […] Continue reading →

Autumn Is My Favorite Time Of Year

The splendor of autumn. Autumn is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. I thank God for every delectable moment of it. Perhaps when you hear of Autumn, it conjures up images of hot apple cider and pumpkin pie. Conceivably, you think of old covered bridges, the Fall Fair, or of a visit to your local pumpkin patch. […] Continue reading →

5 Healthy Habits To Fight Fatigue

There are healthy ways to fight fatigue. Fatigue is being weary from mental exertion, often to the point of exhaustion. When we are fatigued, our strength is spent, and brain fog sets in. From an engineering perspective, fatigue is the breakdown or weakening of material that has been subjected to stress or repeated stresses. We are much more than simply material, yet […] Continue reading →

17 Ways To Foil Fear and Get Your Life Back

This defines fear. Fear is imagination begging for reality. Samuel Butler described fear as… “static that prevents me from hearing myself.” People fear for many reasons. They fear: being abandoned that they don’t “measure up” the unknown; anything that is “different” than what they’re used to they will never be ______ enough (fill in the blank) Think back […] Continue reading →

22 Ways To Get The Most From Today

A small poem about today. Today is the eternal genesis of now. Today is the day you only dreamed of yesterday. Undoubtedly, you have heard the phrase, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” But I say, “Today is the first day of the BEST of your life.” (tweet this) Today is most definitely NOT the […] Continue reading →