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LEADERSHIP: A Tribute to Jim Rohn

TRUE LEADERSHIP comes from the HEART. Today, I DEDICATE this LEADERSHIP post to Jim Rohn. Jim was a kid from the farms of Idaho who went on to become known as “America’s Business Philosopher”… a MASTER MOTIVATOR… and a LIVING LEGACY. Jim Rohn’s mentor was (John) Earl Shoaff. Earl inspired Jim to BECOME more than […] Continue reading →


  EUREKA! I have the SOLUTION! Today, I would like to talk about the SOLUTION to a PROBLEM that is PERSISTENT and PREVALENT for many people, that of NEGATIVE THINKING. In fact, I have DISCOVERED the SOLUTION to any NEGATIVE situation, which I will reveal shortly. Many people are predisposed to NEGATIVE THINKING. Some people […] Continue reading →

PINNACLE: A Tribute To Zig Ziglar

  PINNACLE is the HEIGHT of SUCCESS. Zig Ziglar REACHED the PINNACLE, in LIFE and BUSINESS. He said, “The DEPTH of your SPIRIT determines the HEIGHT of your SUCCESS.” Today, I DEDICATE this post to the memory of Zig Ziglar, who started out as a little guy from a little town, who went on to […] Continue reading →


TRANSFORM your THOUGHTS… TRANSFORM your LIFE! TRANSFORMING your life BEGINS with this UNDERSTANDING: The QUALITY of your LIFE depends upon QUALITY of your CHOICES. In other words, DECISIONS DETERMINE DESTINY. HUMAN HISTORY proves that people don’t always make CLEAR CHOICES. This indicates that WISDOM is required in PERFECTING your PURPOSE. Continue reading →