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9 Rungs On The Ladder Of Success

Be careful as you climb the ladder of success. There are many types and styles of ladders, but the one I wish to discuss with you is… The LADDER OF SUCCESS. When you use a safety ladder, you make sure that: you are taking the proper steps you don’t take a misstep you have a firm grip your angle of approach is correct your […] Continue reading →

9 Ways to Supercharge Your Vitality

Vitality is also an ability. VITALITY is the POWER of your PURPOSE. When I hear the word vitality, I think of the Latin phrase, “Vita Brevis.” Translated, it means “Life is brief.” Many people wonder their whole lives… “What is the meaning of life? Some say the meaning of life is to have a life of meaning. The wisest thing […] Continue reading →

12 Ways To Prepare For Great Success

Prepare to win! PREPARE to BE SUCCESSFUL. No matter what you want to ACHIEVE in life, these words are always appropriate. I don’t know of anyone who does not, at some level, wish to be successful. Let’s entertain a few scenarios: 1. Just imagine going for surgery… What do you think would happen if the doctors were not […] Continue reading →

17 Ways To Extend Your Ability

Use every ability you have to be successful. Ability is the: aptitude to take action capacity to comprehend employment of special skills Ability is qualified competence and resourcefulness – the power to perform mentally, physically, financially, and legally. Some people are more adept than others, but everyone has various strengths and unique abilities that lend to serving others. Dalai Lama said, “With realization […] Continue reading →

101 Pieces of Advice For Spiritual Growth

This is healthy advice. ADVICE is: an admonition to action counsel to conduct exhortation to excellence guidance to govern instructive information words to the wise There are many forms of advice. The most popular advice being sought are on the topics of relationships and love, career, financial (including debt and mortgage) and legal. A few people have careers based […] Continue reading →

Spiritual Complacency: The War Within

Spiritual complacency can displace humility in favor of ego. It is of prime importance to look after ourselves, for if we neglect to do this, we can easily slip into SPIRITUAL COMPLACENCY. All of a sudden, things that once mattered to us mean very little. You have been designed for GREATNESS, so why should you settle for mediocrity, for being second-rate, for less than […] Continue reading →

7 Ways To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a bad habit. PROCRASTINATION holds many people back from living a truly fulfilled life. That’s simply because PROCRASTINATION has never accomplished anything. Don Marquis said that procrastination is “the art of keeping up with yesterday.” When I was a young man in the military, I quickly learned that PROCRASTINATION is unacceptable behavior. You cannot be given an order […] Continue reading →

7 Principles That Lead To Achievement

Following these principles leads to achievement. Achievement is the art of accomplishment. Achievement is the: attainment of objectives. fruition of dreams. successful completion of a goal or goals. All great achievements begin with a PURPOSEFUL PLAN. W. Clement Stone said, “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.“ Continue reading →

Discover The Key To Perpetual Motivation

Do you know the key to motivation? MOTIVATION is the power behind your purpose. MOTIVATION is: real zeal. the burning of your yearning. the fire of your desire to aspire. the inclination of inspiration. your eager beaver achiever. MOTIVATION is a constant craving to BE BETTER than you were.  It is what I refer to as your INNER WINNER. I say, “Motivation […] Continue reading →

Free Ebook Launch: Treasury of Jim Rohn Quotations

Get your free ebook today. Act now! FREE EBOOK LAUNCH According to Google, nearly 3.5 million people search for free ebooks every month. I’ve decided to make a contribution, but not just any contribution. I want what I contribute to be meaningful to you. You may recall a few months ago, I wrote a tribute post to Jim Rohn. The more I […] Continue reading →