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How To Get Rid Of Laziness Once and For All

The rewards of spiritual laziness. How To Get Rid Of Laziness Once and For All Do you have difficulty making decisions and find yourself floundering in a sea of uncertainty ? Is your attitude one of ambivalence?  Do you lack enthusiasm, motivation or a sense of direction for your life? Do you spend more time procrastinating than you do on being truly […] Continue reading →

13 Essential Vitamins For Personal Success

Did you know there are 13 essential vitamins for personal success? According to the National Institutes of Health, there are 13 vitamins that are essential to our development, function and growth. Most people have a basic awareness of these, but have no idea that there are also 13 essential vitamins for personal success! An Overview of Essential Vitamins The essential vitamins are: A, or retinol, is […] Continue reading →

To Wait Or Not To Wait, That Is The Question

My BUTLERism for the word WAIT. To Wait Or Not Wait – That Is The Question There is a tendency in today’s world to not want to wait. We want everything now. The idea of delayed gratification may be a foreign concept to those who: have a microwave oven mentality. make a sense of entitlement an art form. rely heavily on […] Continue reading →

What Can We Learn From A Blade Of Grass?

Life lessons from a blade of grass. A single, solitary blade of grass was seeded into this rich, round ball of earth. It was born with the innate desire of becoming tall fescue, but it was already off to a poor start. There was no fanfare, no oohing and awing. In fact, there was no celebration at all.   It was given […] Continue reading →

Release These 17 Things And Finally Be Happy

Release what is holding you back. 17 Things To Release And Finally Be Happy Have you ever stopped to think about why people hold onto things that hold them back? Do you ever find yourself hanging on to things you know should be released? Is it possible that you’re holding on to things, even long forgotten, that impede your progress? Holding […] Continue reading →

Near Death Experience: You Might Be Having One Right Now

Don't wait to have a near death experience to live! I preface today’s post with this: “I can honestly say, I’m not afraid to die.“ All too often, we take life for granted. When we are overly busy, we barely know at the end of the day what happened to the 86,400 seconds or the 1,440 minutes that just evaporated before us. I can tell […] Continue reading →

Inspiration From 25 Top Thought Leaders Of Then and Now

Am I ever hungry for some inspiration! Have you ever had one of those days when things just don’t go right to begin with, and then, to make matters worse, it just seems to go from bad to worse? I bet you could use a little inspiration, right? Have you ever felt so low that it’s a real stretch from the gutter […] Continue reading →

The Trouble With Traditional Thinking: Can You Afford It?

Is traditional thinking holding you back? Are you stuck in a rut of doing the same thing, the same way, with no hope in sight of doing any differently? Have you ever heard something before but you can’t pin down the exact source? Have you been enthralled by stories that seem plausible but you have no way of verifying them? Chances […] Continue reading →

Helen Keller: A Rich Legacy of Wise Words

Helen Keller's legacy lives on. There’s an old adage that says, “None are so blind as those who will not see.“ Perhaps the worst blindness of all is to be intentionally blind to our own faults. This leaves little room at all for improvement. What stands in stark contrast to those of us with abilities and who do not use […] Continue reading →

Animal Wisdom: Leadership You Can Live By

You are just as magnificent as this animal. Like every human being, an animal comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some days, I’m not so sure that some human beings are the highest order of animals. Mark Twain said, “It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.“ Unlike humans, […] Continue reading →