Hope For Hungry Hearts – Happy Easter Friends!

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The Easter message is why hope springs eternal.

The Easter message is why true hope springs eternal.

 Hope For Hungry Hearts  

 Happy Easter Friends!

I hope my fellow Christians are enjoying a Blessed Easter!

As far as I understand life, everybody needs hope, right?

There isn’t anybody alive who can’t use some hope, inspiration and encouragement on a daily basis.

Hope is as essential to life itself as breathing.

What I have found is that there are two basic kinds of hope.

There are normal, everyday hopes of people from all walks of life. These are simple, ordinary hopes.

We have hopes of a sunny day, that you will finally get that dream job, or take that once-in-a-lifetime trip. Some of us have hopes of the permanence of a new home or a new job.

But, there is also extraordinary hope. The distinction between the two is found in one of the acronyms I have created for the word FAITH…

Fully Alive In True Hope

From the Christian perspective, when we enter into a relationship with Christ, when we accept the central message of the Easter story, it is then the we become fully alive.

That acceptance is not an ordinary hope, rather it is the most extraordinary, supernatural hope found in Christ. This is the true hope to which I referred.

Both kinds of HOPE are the presumption of possibility, a pleasurable anticipation, an earnest expectation.

Theologians have wrestled with various theories as to why and how Christ died, but that is too large a discussion and would detract from my main point.

But what is the central message of Easter?

From the Christian perspective, the death, burial and resurrection of Christ is the entire reason for his coming to Earth in bodily form, and the very hope of all humanity.

Be that as it may, many people struggle and strive matters of faith. Some people have faltering faith, are deeply discouraged, or don’t have any faith at all. Even if this is the case, you can still BE ENCOURAGED.

Hope is the true meaning behind Easter.

I think Christ came to Earth because God planted an insatiable hunger in the human heart.  That hunger is spelled LOVE.

It is not a hunger that can ever be satisfied by:

  • chocolate covered Easter eggs
  • pop psychology
  • psychedelic drugs
  • self-help books, or
  • spiritual gurus

… but one that can only be filled by being In (the centre of the word FAITH) a relationship with God… True Hope.

The miracle of Easter is the invitation to rest in that centre, Christ Himself, where all your spiritual needs will be forever met.

Jesus Christ is known as:

Our deep hunger for love, compassion, mercy and understanding are all answered in Him .

As you can see in the above image, one of the acronyms I have for the word HOPE is… He Offers People Eternity

Another comes from prayerful yearning…  Hanging Onto Prayerful Expectation.

Joseph Addison said,

Three grand ESSENTIALS to HAPPINESS in this life are something to do, something to LOVE, and something to HOPE for.

Christ, in sacrificially laying down His life, gives us the perfect example of love for others. He did so joyfully.

My motto: BE LOVE TO OTHERS reminds me of these things.

  • What did Jesus DO?
  • Who did Jesus LOVE?

Who is inspired?

Early 16th-century French Renaissance writer François Rabelais said,

I place no hope in my strength or in my works: but all my confidence is in God, my protector, who never abandons those who have put all their hope and thought in him.

Psalm 31:24 says,

Be of good COURAGE, and he shall strengthen your heart, all you who put your HOPE in the LORD!

It has been my experience that when you have something to look forward to, when you are always anticipating something, you have every reason to be hopeful.

Romans 8:24 says,

For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?

So the question is:

Will you partake of the Bread Of Life, or will you be satisfied with the cotton candy of the world?

Share your valuable views…

What kind of hope do you have? … ordinary, or would you say extraordinary?

What does Easter mean to you?

Please contribute your voice to this discussion… here.

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About Bill Butler

William A. Butler is a John C.Maxwell certified coach. He loves to add value to others and aspiring to be a great humanitarian, lives by four words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS.
William often goes by “Bill” and is a poet, a songwriter and has an upcoming novel.

23 thoughts on “Hope For Hungry Hearts – Happy Easter Friends!

  1. Bill,

    Happy Easter – Hope is what keeps us grounded in the future. It is the anchor for all the possibilities of life. Hold on to it tightly as it will take us places we can never even imagine. Carpe Diem.

    • Happy Easter Phil,

      Your comments are very well stated, and definitely words I will treasure
      in the days ahead, especially in light of Vita Brevis.



  3. Carpe diem? Vita brevis? Let’s enjoy the day, but without losing sight of the appointed day of reward/judgement.
    No need for excluding one idea or the other.

  4. Ekol Innocent says:

    Wow Bill!

    Bill, you are an incredible person to me, when i am low in my heart and empty hearing from you gets me going and “Hungry hearts have high hopes” I HAVE FOUND MYSELF STUCK IN EXACTLY IN WHAT YOU JUST SAID HUNGRY HEARTS HAVE HIGH HOPES, thank you for such an inspiration have a blessed evening and a great weekend.

    Ekol Innocent.

    • Bill Butler says:

      I appreciate your kind words Ekol. I aim to inspire and to be a great humanitarian.
      May you continue to be encouraged by what you read.


  5. […] friend of mine William Butler , posted an article entitled “Hope For Hungry Hearts” on his blog, that from the […]

  6. Dear Bill,
    I love the way you explained the word HOPE=He Offers People Eternity…..Thanks to God, who gave us eternal eternity through Jesus Christ.
    Happy Easter,
    Charmant recently posted…3 REAL SEASONS WE CAN LEARN FROM EASTER SEASONSMy Profile

    • Dear Charmant,
      My apologies for the late response. I trust you’ve had a very nice Easter celebration.
      I’m glad you liked my BUTLERism for the word HOPE. I think it wise to thank God for all our blessings.

      Kind Regards,

  7. Brilliantly espoused, Bill.

    Easter is the greatest hope Christians have…for it is the very essence of their faith. It’s great to know that you share this hope – and blessing with me – Alleluia!

    It’s Monday here in Nigeria and we call it Easter Monday…in addition, it’s a public holiday. Do you celebrate the holiday over in Canada?

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…MYTHEMESHOP GIVEAWAY: GATEWAY TO THREE PREMIUM THEMESMy Profile

    • Hi Terungwa,
      I trust you also enjoyed a beautiful Easter celebration with your loved ones. In Canada, Good Friday and Easter Monday are government holidays, so including Easter Sunday, it makes for a nice long weekend.

      All the best,

  8. Pascal Chamatumba says:

    Hello Bill.
    This post refreshes my spirit, especially this Easter. It is HOPE alone that makes us willing to live.

    • Greetings Pascal,
      I’m glad you received spiritual refreshment from this Easter post. I think divine love, unconditional love, is the reason for hope. Without hope, many people get depressed, feel life is pointless. But with hope, everything is brighter.

      Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hi Bill,

    Love your acronym for FAITH! Simply superb as usual!

    I hope you had a great Easter celebration!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…How To Have An Inspiring Online Experience Every DayMy Profile

    • Hi Kumar,
      Thanks for the kind regards, my friend. We enjoyed the weekend, and I hope you did as well.
      It is Easter and Christmas that I write specifically on matters of faith. Throughout the rest of the year, I make the occasional reference.
      But I think you know me by now. I love everybody. I think the true message of Easter is the resurrection of love in the human heart. 🙂

      All the best!

  10. Hi Bill Butler ,

    You had posted very unique concept Hope For Hungry Hearts.
    God Bless you
    thanks for sharing

    • Greetings Takeela Sarah,
      Welcome! I believe the hope of Easter is that it also gives rise to the birth of love in our hearts.
      You’re very welcome. I’m glad to share this. God bless you also!

      Kind Regards,

  11. Hey Bill,

    Easter for me, means spending time with my family (even more that usual). It’s a feeling..can’t really explain it – a combo of Hope, Joy, Faith, I suppose 😀

    Anyways, Happy Easter, Bill 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this with us 😀
    Jeevan Jacob John recently posted…How Do You Conclude Yours Posts?My Profile

    • Hi Jeevan,
      I am glad to share this with you. I share from the faith perspective mainly twice a year, but I am also glad to learn of other faith traditions, customs, etc. to give me an overall appreciation of and love for others. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. 🙂

      Kind Regards, and have a happy week ahead!

  12. You really know how discuss faith well! Your are a man of such great thoughts it is simply amazing.
    Believing is the greatest power we can own.

    I hope you had a good Easter with your family and friends

    • Hi Arleen. Thank you for the kind words. I really only blog about faith matters at Easter and Christmas, although it is part of my everyday life.
      I hope you and you loved ones enjoyed special time together as well. True enough. About believing… I’ll be quoting you on that. 😉

      All the best for a great week!

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