Expressing Yourself Eloquently

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Expressing yourself eloquently is an art.

Expressing yourself eloquently is an art.

EXPRESS is a VERY VERSATILE word. It can mean:

  • a CLEAR CAUSE, as in having an EXPRESS purpose.
  • an exact representation, as in an EXPRESS image.
  • a high-speed thoroughfare, as in an EXPRESSWAY.

In BUSINESS, it is very IMPORTANT that you are ABLE to EXPRESS yourself. You need to be able to COMMUNICATE CLEARLY, to put into words what you wish to have others UNDERSTAND.


I would like to SUGGEST an UNUSUAL APPROACH to EXPRESSING yourself:

EXPRESS yourself through POETRY

You might think the approach awkward, especially if you’re not in the HABIT of writing poetry, or if you’re not particularly gifted in that area. But this is precisely WHY you should TRY:

  • You will NEVER KNOW unless you give yourself PERMISSION to do so.
  • You will LEARN quite a bit about yourself in the PROCESS.
  • Tapping into your CREATIVE CENTER, you may DISCOVER even more TALENT than you knew you had.
  • You INTENTIONALLY find new ways to COMMUNICATE and can ADD these to your SKILLS SET.


Activating your CREATIVITY also helps you to BE a BETTER THINKER.

The VALUE of POETRY is in what the reader makes of it.

For your enjoyment, here are three poems I have written.

Appointment With Destiny

Life is a journey ~
every step nearer to Center
of the Creator’s heartbeat…
pulsating a sure, steady echo
resonating in the afterglow
of our lightening and enlightening…

immersed in layers-deep Truth
rises upward in the ground swell
of an inviolable mystery…
shrouded in frosted Light
refracted as eternal remembrance
of our longing and belonging…

to the image of God
mirrored as Goodness along corridors
of an ineffably Ancient Wisdom…
emerging from the broken wilderness
jagged shards of Divinity
of our coming and becoming…

Life Is An Ampers&

Life is too short for hurried decisions &
much too long to waste & squander
on any form of indecision & procrastination
Take your time to BE… & not do…
just simply be & use the time
you have been given & cherish
to filter out the noise & minutia & distractions…
to mull over & cogitate,
to consider & re-consider… long & hard…

to think earnestly & completely
what you truly want & what you truly want to become…
to ponder & wonder
all the possibilities & endless infinitude
of the depths & the beauty
of your limitless potential & imagination…
to reflect & meditate

the mystery & sanctity & brevity of life
It will be far & away the best thing you have ever done…
I’ve done the math & in the final analysis I figure…
Indecision = anxiety & hurried decisions = regret
So now you need to ask & know for yourself…
What are you becoming… & What have you become?


Deep within a forest glade
Where only silence grows
I knelt and prayed
and only heaven knows

How Jesus walked on water
and how you walk on air
when I sink beneath my eyelids
how you are always there…

Deep within a poets’ soul
Are dreams forever breeding
Given birth upon the knoll
Lay bare the heart yet bleeding

The whispered hope in verse and rhyme
Every day more gleaning
The cherished memory of all time
You gave this lifetime meaning…

Deep within a lovers’ heart
Are flames of passion burning
When you think you can’t go on
The page of life keeps turning

Loves’ unspoken devotion
How a heart can always hear it
Like perpetual motion
Is the mystery of your spirit…

Feel free to express yourself by adding a comment.
Have a TREMENDOUS Tuesday, friends!

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About Bill Butler

William A. Butler is a John C.Maxwell certified coach. He loves to add value to others and aspiring to be a great humanitarian, lives by four words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS.
William often goes by “Bill” and is a poet, a songwriter and has an upcoming novel.

6 thoughts on “Expressing Yourself Eloquently

  1. Adebayo Nassie says:

    Thanks so much for those great and mind building words. I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for being part of my success and history. I can no other answer make, but to say thank and thanks. God bless you. peace

    • Hello Nassie,

      You are very welcome! I’m glad to add value wherever I can.
      Your words are great encouragement to me. Thank you kindly!

      Warmest Regards,

  2. Bill! I love the post! And the poetry is outstanding! Thank you for sharing and expressing your wisdom and creativity with all of us! Have a great one my friend!

    • Bill Butler says:

      Hi Deborah,

      You’re very welcome.
      So glad you enjoyed it. It’s definitely ONE of my passions.

      Warm Regards,

  3. Your poem -Mystery- so silent, explainable, so mysterious.
    The LOVE of God that shared, mysteriously multiplied.

    • Bill Butler says:

      Glad you enjoy it Bren.

      It really amazes me when I get into my creative zone and the rest of the world vanishes.
      It’s almost like dictation what comes to me, as if the words are coming “through” me as opposed too “from” me.

      I often reflect back at what an amazing gift God has blessed me with, and how even the words themselves
      touch me so deeply when I’m not in that creative zone.

      Kind Regards,

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